July 25, 2019

Differences paid functionality from free

  1. fovbot deletes messages with links - both external and @username, if it is a link to a channel, chat or bot
  2. Removes reposts from channels, forwarding messages from bots and from any other accounts
  3. Removing system messages about logging in / deleting users, etc.
  4. Censorship and blocking
  5. Reputation and Statistics
  6. Outputting cryptocurrency rates: / btc, / fov, / eth or / rates
  7. Prohibition of adding bots / users
  8. Standard greeting ("Welcome @username")
  9. fovbot Anti-Spam (FAS) - Block spammers inside all chats
  10. The lack of advertising in the bot.

Full bot functionality is available for only 1 fovcoin or $ 1.10 per month:

You can find full functionality in the bot’s help

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