November 19, 2018


In this tab you can select the language in which the bot works, set up the function of showing the course crypto currency in the chat and the function "reputation", and also reset all the settings to factory (standard).

You can select a language and you can see next page by clicking on "»"

"Reputation" - adds to the reputation statistics in the chat +1 points to those who are thanked or put +. Also, you can view top users with the biggest reputation, for this, write /top5

In this function menu you can make everybody reputation zero, or select to turn off/on this function.

"Text reply" displays warning. "quiet mode" will count reputation point, but don`t send result to chat.

"Crypto currency" - showing a course of selected by user of chat crypto currency.

You can select crypto-currencies and tokens what you want to show in "currencies" and in "select favorite tokens"

"Autodisplay" - automaticly sends to the chat a course of selected currencies in selected time.

"Delete another coins" - previous message with course will be deleted.

"Print the phrase in the text" - if the user message has a currency code, the bot will respond with its course. Otherwise, in order to know the rate, you need to send a message with the currency code.

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