November 19, 2018


Commands can be used by users to get a response from a bot.

You can create a command or use created one. To use command you need to write name of command and "/". For example /help

When creating a new command, you need to send the bot the name that you assign to the command. Command name can include Latin letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and underscore ('_'). After creating you must send message of command. It can be text, photo, audio, video, document, GIF file or hash-tag. In text, you can use:

  • * (stars) to make a bold text.
  • _ (underscore) to make italic text.
  • ` (quotes) to make selected text.
  • {username} to write a name of user.

After filling out the command with content, chat users will be able to write a command to get the answer from bot that was provided by you. Every command can be configured.

List of command settings:

  • Turning on/off the command.

You can turn off command as you need.

  • Lock.

Fixing command in scrolling chat.

  • By one post.

Writing command by one post.

  • Random.

Randomly displays one message from the ones you filled the command with.

  • Consistently.

Displays messages one by one.

  • Link preview.

Showing a link preview and little description.

  • Command without slash (/).

The bot will work even if you don`t enter slash (/).

  • Delete previous.

Bot will delete previous command.

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