Chat rights

by fovbot
Chat rights

The chat administrator who added fovbot to it can configure those messages that will be deleted by the bot. And this function can be configurated.

  • Links

Bot will delete links from selected chat. You can add any links to white list and bot won`t delete it. The user who sent the link can be blocked for a specific time, or he can be muted. Also, bot can show to him warning message. You can allow referall links separately.

  • Channels

Prevents messages from being sent from other chats. And you can select time to ban user and add channels to white list.

  • Censure

Admin can select bad words. Bot will delete bad words and block users who send it.

  • Stop-phrases

Users will not be able to write to the conversation the words you selected. Who will write 3 times will be blocked.

  • Bots

Deleting messages from other bots and blocking these bots. You can select time for blocking.

  • Administrators

Coming soon.

  • Any messages

Configuring the sending of messages of different kinds.

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November 19, 2018
by fovbot