July 25, 2019

Referral program

Invite new users and get passive income from subscriptions to the bot, creating your personal customer base! Get up to 0.9% of the @fovbot commission for transactions of invited users.

Referral program conditions:

When inviting people, you get 0.15% of the fovbot`a commission. And if someone invited by you will call new people, then your percentage of them will be increased by 0.25, and from the third level of invitees you will get another 0.50%

The scheme of attracting people looks like this:

In total for all three levels of invitees you will receive up to 0.90% per person from the turnover of your referrals! Commission bot is 1%

Please note that in order to achieve good results you need to carefully approach the search for the target audience and attract only those who will use fovcoin coins or invite new referrals. So attract more interested people to achieve a stable income!

Advantages of our referral system:

  • The referral program is perpetual, has no limit of invitations and begins to act instantly.
  • Remuneration for transactions of users invited by you is transferred instantly to your fovcoin wallet.
  • The user will be considered your referral for the entire duration of the referral program.

How to attract people?

  • Recommend @fovbot to your friends and invite them by referral link.
  • Internet marketers can monetize their traffic.
  • If you are a blogger, SMM specialist, you have a lot of Instagram followers or you have a Telelgram community, tell us about your experience using @fovbot.
  • Owners of entertainment resources and contest organizers can make prize payments through fovcoin checks. All participants automatically become referrals of the organizer.
  • Owners of media, sites or forums on the subject of Telegram chat bot, can place a banner with a referral link.

An example of a referral link looks like:


Good luck!

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