November 19, 2018


You can automatically display the welcome message you have prepared. In this message, you can place buttons that will direct a person by reference, as well as you can make a vote.

How to create greeting:

To do this, select the desired chat item greeting and click to create a greeting.

Now you need to enter the greeting text, for this you can use:

  • Two¬†*stars*¬†to¬†do bold text
  • Two _underscore_¬†to do¬†italic¬†text
  • `Quotation marks`¬†for¬†selected text
  • {username} for using¬†users¬†nick

Also, you can add linked buttons to your greeting:

First, the text of the button is written, and then the link with the http (s) protocol. For example, fovbot

If you want to add several buttons in one row, write links next to the previous ones. In this format:

fovbot fovbot News

And if you want to add a few buttons to the line, write new links from the new line. In this format:


fovbot News

You can add a vote to the greeting:

To vote, you can attach emoji-like or any phrase from the new line

The link preview shows a thumbnail and a brief description of the link that is in the text.

Delete previous deletes the previous greeting.

Clicking on the "pin" you will fix the last greeting in the top line in the chat.


You can set the time interval after which the sent greetings will be deleted. To do this, select the auto delete item and the desired time:

The created greetings can be deleted by clicking on the appropriate button after selecting the greeting in the "my greetings":

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