November 19, 2018


To work @fovbot in your chat rooms you need to pay a subscription for fovcoin.

and in order to do this you need:

  • Run command /start (ff you haven't already done so)
  • Click on "my chats" button in a lower menu
  • Select one chat
  • Click "fovcoin" button

Next you will see info about your profile

  • Click "Deposit wallet"

You can choose any payment system convenient for you from the list provided. Purchase takes place at the rate of 1 fovcoin = 1 USD (dollar).

Then specify the number of fovcoin to buy (from 1 to 1000)

Next you need to accept bot service rules and click “Yes” button, then you'll see link to payment page or payment details for which you need to send money.

It will soon be possible to pay automatically. If your wallet has a positive balance, then the funds will be debited from the account on a monthly basis.

After payment, you will receive a message from @fovbot notifying about the date of the subscription and for which chat.

The message indicates which bot mirror to add to the paid chat. You don't need to delete the current one (@fovbot), through it you will make chat settings as usual.

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