December 2, 2018

Get free

How to set up a free copy of fovbot in your chat.

1. Add the @fovbot bot to your chat.

2. Make it an administrator and give him full rights. (otherwise it will not work)

3. Run the / get_free command in your chat where the @fovbot bot is attached

4. The bot will remove the command from the chat (if it has rights to delete it).

5. After deletion, the bot will send the name of the bot-mirror to the LAN (example: fov0bot)

6. Add this bot to the same chat.

7. Make and its administrator and give him full rights.

8. After adding bots, write any post in your chat (example: btc - the command to get a coin course)

9. Open the @fovbot bot and click My Chats (if the bottom keyboard is not visible, execute the / start command).

10. You will see your chat in the list. The bot is ready to work, the next settings to taste. Help -

All functionality for just $ 1 per month -